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For a general overview of the Manifold Internet Map Server (IMS), please see the Internet Map Server page. Manifold IMS is a built in part of Manifold® Release 8 Ultimate product. Release 8 Ultimate is only $95. Wow!

Manifold Release 8 includes IMS

Manifold IMS is a built-in part of every Manifold System Release 8 Ultimate Edition license. There is no need to buy anything extra, as the $95 price of Release 8 includes IMS along with all other Release 8 capabilities.

Release 8 licensees working with legacy installations for non-runtime Release 8 editions other than Ultimate will automatically be upgraded to Ultimate Edition by installing a current Release 8 build. It doesn't matter whether the legacy license was for Professional x64 Edition, Universal x64 Edition, Personal Edition, or even a Runtime license - if you use that same license serial number to install and activate a current Release 8 build the license will automatically be upgraded to Ultimate x64 Edition and you will have IMS installed.

What Should I get for IMS Development?

You'll need a Manifold Release 8 Ultimate license for each developer and also a Manifold Release 8 Ultimate license for each web server machine. At only $95 per developer and per web server, that is very affordble.

Developers sometimes think they cannot both develop a web application with IMS and try it out on the same machine. Sometimes they think they must always use two machines, one as a development machine and one as a web server. That's not the case: if a developer pays attention to the required workflow it is a routine matter to develop an IMS application and also test it on the same machine.

Developers creating IMS applications can use the same Manifold Release 8 Ultimate both for development and for testing the web application on the same machine that is used for development. Although Manifold cannot run as IMS at the same time it is running interactively on a machine's console, developers using a single machine will establish a workflow of exiting all interactive Manifold sessions, starting IIS on the local machine, trying out the web application, doing an IISRESET to clear out any IIS or IMS processes, shutting down IIS and then launching Manifold again if need be.

That workflow obviously won't work for a production web server that must have the web site running all the time, so when it comes time to deploy the finished IMS application to a web server that web server will require installation of a dedicated Manifold Release 8 Ultimate license. It is also good security practice (as every experienced webmaster knows) to reserve a web server machine for web serving only.

Developers who have a big enough budget not to be forced to use the same machine both for development and for testing web applications will often develop IMS applications using two machines: a development machine and a dedicated test web server machine, both of which will have their own Manifold Release 8 Ultimate license. After an IMS application is developed using these two machines and verified on the test web server it will be deployed to the production web server machine, which also will have its own Manifold Release 8 Ultimate license.

What Should I get for IMS Deployment?

Each web server machine that runs a Manifold IMS application will need to have a Manifold Release 8 Ultimate license. Note that Manifold Release 8 Ultimate X64 licenses provide Manifold x64 serial numbers. These will work in both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows installations.

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Illustration, left: The Manifold Internet Map Server can serve a vast variety of data, including CAD drawings. The illustration shows detailed plans of a theater in New Zealand, used by theater professionals to plan performances. Using a Runtime License the cost of such capabilities is effectively zero.