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SQL for ArcGIS® Pro

SQL for ArcGIS® Pro is an add-in that provides ArcGIS® Pro users with the world's most sophisticated and most powerful desktop spatial SQL. Enjoy life with super-fast SQL and say good-bye to the hassles of trying to do big, complex jobs without SQL.

Special Introductory Offer

$145 - SQL for ArcGIS® Pro - Save $100 off the regular price of $245. Single desktop license that includes all SQL for ArcGIS Pro features. Requires Esri ArcGIS® Pro version 2.8 or more recent, including the new ArcGIS Pro 3.x release. Includes free download of maintenance upgrades. This is a fully paid license and is not a limited time license or a lease. Best buy.

Fully Paid Licenses

Prices are fully paid licenses and are not annual subscriptions.

  • Buy the products on this page using credit cards on the Online Store.
  • All prices are in US Dollars. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • You must have Esri's ArcGIS® Pro version 2.8 or newer installed to run SQL for ArcGIS Pro.
  • Product installation packages are downloaded by Internet. No discs or other physical media are sent.
  • SQL for ArcGIS Pro is a product of Manifold Software Limited. Manifold® is not affiliated with Esri.

Free Updates

Updates within a product life cycle that provide new features and bug fixes are free, with no need to pay maintenance fees. Manifold typically issues thousands of improvements at no charge in free updates to licensees during the product life cycle.

Cutting Edge builds of SQL for ArcGIS Pro are portable installations that are issued approximately every two weeks. They extend the power and feature set of SQL for ArcGIS Pro with hundreds of additional features every few builds. Edge builds provide fast bug fixes and rapid response to community wishes for new features. Edge builds are free downloads for SQL for ArcGIS Pro licensees.

Base builds are issued every two months or so, and bundle all improvements from preceding Cutting Edge builds into an installation package that establishes a new baseline for SQL for ArcGIS Pro for all users. Base builds are published as Windows Installer packages as well as portable installations. Base builds are also free downloads for SQL for ArcGIS Pro licensees.

Technical Support Products

Support Engineers

All Manifold tech support is paid. Technical support products provide direct access to Manifold technical experts for answers to specific questions about SQL for ArcGIS Pro. Each incident covers a specific question. A small fee is charged for each tech support incident with three standard support tokens required for developer level questions. SQL for ArcGIS Pro licenses may include two pre-paid standard incidents to help get you started (low cost products do not). Response times are average responses for business days only, excluding weekends and holidays. Tech support is provided only for the current SQL for ArcGIS Pro release and the current SQL for ArcGIS Pro update for that release.

Support Home Page

$45 - Standard Tech Support Incident - One standard technical support incident. 48 hour response email technical support for interactive features of the current SQL for ArcGIS Pro release. Excludes support for programming, customization of any kind, web serving, and SQL coding.

$195 - Standard Technical Support - Ten standard technical support incidents.

Developer level questions, covering all SQL for ArcGIS Pro features, require at least three standard support incident tokens per question.

Service Products

Fee-based services enable assistance with lost serial numbers or provide additional activations over time.

$45 - Limited Key Recovery - This service product orders an attempted recovery and resending of the last SQL for ArcGIS Pro serial number email sent to the given email address. If the given email address is no longer valid or no serial number email has previously been sent to that email address, the key recovery will fail and the fee will not be refunded - it will be retained as a service fee for the labor involved in the recovery attempt. Successful recovery is not guaranteed and may not happen. Please read the Key Recovery Service Instructions before ordering this product to avoid wasting the service fee.


Under some circumstances discounts of up to 50% are available on prepaid orders. Please see the Discounts page for details.

Terms of Sale / Licensing

SQL for ArcGIS Pro is licensed, not sold. See the Terms and Conditions of Sale for additional information. By ordering SQL for ArcGIS Pro you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Sale. Please also review the Licensing page for an important overview of licensing.

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Buy SQL for ArcGIS® Pro on the Online Store. The store is open 24 hours / seven days a week / every day of the year. Orders are processed immediately with a serial number sent out by email in seconds. Enjoy the world's best desktop spatial SQL today!

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Re-projection on the fly

Manifold products will automatically re-project layers as necessary for display when visualizing dta in maps. Above a map containing a Bing web-served layer is in pseudo-Mercator projection. The layer above shows terrain elevation data for that portion of Florida as an image, originally in Latitude / Longitude projection but automatically re-reprojected by Manifold Viewer to match the pseudo-Mercator coordinate system used by Bing, maintaining perfect geo-registration. Manifold Viewer also colored the terrain data on-the-fly with a custom, user-specified palette.

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