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SQL for ArcGIS Pro Speaks Your Language

Easy to Localize

SQL for ArcGIS® Pro interface uses English language by default but will automatically switch to a different language if you install a localization file.

SQL for ArcGIS Pro can use the same localization files used by Manifold® Release 9 and Manifold Viewer, so all languages available as localization files for those products are instantly available for SQL for ArcGIS Pro.

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New! A generous number of SQL for ArcGIS Pro licenses may be donated at no charge to academic institutions which sponsor the creation of localization files for their national language or for a new language. This is a limited, experimental program. Please contact to participate.

How to Use Your Langauge

A localization file is just a small file like (for French) that contains translations for all text in the interface. Take the localization file for the language you want and put it into the same installation folder as the SQL for ArcGIS Pro manifold.exe executable you will be using. Easy!

  1. Download the file. Unzip it to get files for different languages.
  2. Copy the localization file for your language, for example, for French.
  3. Paste it into the same folder as the manifold.exe you will use, for example, within the bin64 and bin installatSQL for ArcGIS Pro ion folders.
  4. If Windows is set to that language, for example, to French, Manifold will automatically launch using that file.
  5. If Windows is set to English, but you want Manifold in French, launch Manifold once in English and then in the Tools - Options dialog choose fr in the Localization box. The next time you launch Manifold it will use French.

The instructions above work for both Manifold and for Viewer. The same localization files work for either Manifold or Viewer.

The file provides a collection of localization files created by Manifold users. It includes files for Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (simplified, Mandarin), Dutch, Estonian, Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish languages. The Italian, Malay, and Polish localization files are experimental examples of automatic translations done by Google.

"Compliments to the Manifold team for building such a robust piece of software. I have been translating error messages that I have never seen and probably never will see!" - Forum post

Translate Manifold into a New Language

Any user can take the standard, English default.ui.txt file and provide their own translation for whatever language they want. The current default.ui.txt file is included within the file collection of localization files (click the link to download). The latest, up-to-date canonical English default.ui.txt file also is published in portable SQL for ArcGIS Pro installation packages.

English default.ui.txt File

CommandFileNew=New|Create new document.
CommandFileOpen=Open...|Open existing document.
CommandFileOpenRecent=Recent Projects|Open recently opened document.
CommandFileSave=Save|Save opened document.
CommandFileSaveAs=Save As...|Save opened document with a new name.
CommandHelp=Help|Help commands.
CommandHelpAbout=About...|Display program version and copyright.

German File

CommandFileNew=Neu|Erzeuge ein neues Dokument.
CommandFileOpen=Öffnen...|Vorhandendes Dokument öffnen.
CommandFileOpenRecent=Zuletzt benutzte Projekte|Öffne eines der zuletzt benutzten Dokumente.
CommandFileSave=Sichern|geöffnetes Dokument speichern.
CommandFileSaveAs=Sichern als...|Geöffnetes Dokument unter neuem Namen speichern.
CommandHelpAbout=Über...|Programmversion und Copyright anzeigen.

When a German localization file is placed in the SQL for ArcGIS Pro installation folder, on launch SQL for ArcGIS Pro will look at the Windows language setting and if Windows has been set to German, SQL for ArcGIS Pro will automatically load the German localization file. SQL for ArcGIS Pro can also use a different language while Windows stays in English. SQL for ArcGIS Pro, Manifold Viewer, and Manifold Release 9 include a built-in Edit Localization File dialog that makes translations easier.

See details in the Localization topic in the User Manual. Authors creating localization files for their own languages will often discuss the process and assist each other on the User Forum.

Credits: SteveAng contributed the Chinese file, Sloots contributed the Dutch file, Riivo contributed the Estonian file, Klaus contributed the German file, Cyril, Philippe, vincent, apo and others the French file, HMS has taken the lead on the Portuguese file, and Andrei and Anastasia contributed the Russian file. Join in by adding your language, by expanding existing translations and by sharing the localization file with others. Try out translations for free by using Manifold Viewer, a free download - Viewer and Manifold Release 9 use exactly the same localization files, while SQL for ArcGIS Pro adds a few words that are specific to Esri ArcGIS Pro. However, since those words use Esri nomenclature they are often left in English in translations, so it is OK to use unmodified Viewer and Release 9 localization files. Click the button below to download a .zip file containing Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish translations.

  • Manifold speaks your language.

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