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  • Defense
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  • Health and Human Services
  • Federal, State and Local
  • Communities
  • Facilities Management
  • Land Administration
  • Taxation
  • Public Works
  • AEC
  • Economic Development
  • Elections and Redistricting
  • Urban Planning
  • Homeland/National Security
  • Disaster Management
  • Fire and Emergency Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Oil and Gas
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Insurance
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  • Retail
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  • Traffic Analytics
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  • Public Transport

Manifold Release 9

Faster than Any Other GIS + Higher Quality

Faster · Easier · Lower Cost

Manifold often is 50 times faster than Spatial Analyst

Manifold Release 9 is a new GIS that makes spatial work easier, faster, and way more effective for both experts and non-experts alike. Manifold unleashes your insights with superior quality, speed and bulletproof accuracy, all at a cost of ownership lower than even free software. Only $145 for Manifold 9 Professional edition, and only $195 for Manifold 9 Universal edition.

Image at right: A least cost, closest path analysis on an abstract slope surface, created by Manifold in $145 in nine seconds but requiring ten minutes in Esri's ArcGIS Pro with Spatial Analyst, costing over $5000. Save thousands and run far faster with Manifold.

Curious how Manifold compares to Esri products? See the Faster than Esri collection of videos. Do in seconds what takes Spatial Analyst minutes or hours. See the Faster Esri Workflow page to learn how to add Manifold to your Esri stack.

"To process even one modest piece of down sampled LiDAR within my region in ArcMap took ~60 hours to produce the 30 inundation layers. As I mentioned previously, this may then require fixing and a re-run of the process. The same process on the same DEM using Manifold 9's distance toolset takes around 40 seconds per layer or 20 minutes for the 30 intervals." - Government user, computing flood levels (emphasis added)

Fast GIS is Fun GIS

Super fast speed brings a new level to "ease of use" - GIS is way easier when everything happens fast, even with bigger data, and you don't have to wait around for many seconds or minutes for jerky web interfaces or slow desktop software to do what you want. Do in seconds what takes minutes or hours in other GIS packages. Life is too short for slow GIS!

Manifold provides hundreds of vector and raster geoprocessing tools that with a point and click run ten, fifty, or even one hundred times faster than Spatial Analyst or other Esri toolbox equivalents. Manifold plays well with Esri to make it easy to add Manifold speed to your GIS workflow, or to use Manifold as your primary GIS for even greater productivity.

"Manifold 9's best feature is its wicked fast speed. It is great in all things but the rendering speed really is the best thing from an every day use point of view. It is what makes 9 so much easier to use than 8 and a host of other GIS's." - Forum post


  • Faster Launch - Manifold launches in half a second.
  • Small Download - Typical downloads are only 75MB. Fast to download, with no need to consume gigabytes of SSD.
  • Portable Installation Option - Choose either a classic Windows Installer package or a Portable installation for quick and easy installation.
  • Way Faster - Do in seconds what takes minutes or hours in Arc or Q. See live video comparisons that show how Manifold speed makes Arc look like it's frozen.
  • Simpler Workflow - Do in a few clicks using highly integrated point and click tools what takes an hour using a string of clumsy geoprocessing tools in older GIS packages.
  • Bigger Data - Handle hundreds of GB of data. Open a terabyte project on a desktop PC.
  • Real SQL Built In - Manifold has real SQL built in that's available all the time with all layers, while older GIS packages like Arc or Q do not. See the Real SQL page for an eye-opening comparison.
  • Never Crashes - No matter how big or complex the job, Manifold never crashes.
  • Friendly with All - Interchange using popular GIS formats, including SDE, GDB and MDB Geodatabases.
  • GIS Without Borders - Manifold knows over 600 languages and countries for formats in numbers and dates, automatically able to show month names and days of the week in those many languages. It features built-in, sophisticated Unicode in all functions, including full Unicode collations for database ordering, a higher level of internationalization than even IBM's respected DB2 enterprise DBMS can achieve.
  • All the Coordinate Systems - Manifold knows the entire EPSG system plus traditional and custom coordinate sytems and projections, many thousands in all, with automatic matching to coordinate system SRIDs in major spatial databases. Move spatial data seamlessly with a copy and paste between local projects and different enterprise DBMS servers. No other GIS makes it that easy and reliable.
  • Up to Date - Leverage the latest technology right now: Manifold runs fully 64-bit code that is CPU and GPU parallel throughout, supporting Windows 11 and Windows 10 today.
  • Pays for Itself - Time is money. Save days and weeks for only $145, fully paid license with free updates.
  • Easier to Use - Hundreds of point and click, single step, transformations and geoprocessing tools with less setup.
  • Connect to Everything - Use more formats and data sources than any other GIS.
  • Collect Data in the Field - Collect data using smart phones or other mobile devices even when there is no Internet or cell connection, with automatic sync to servers when the device gets in range of cell or WiFi service. An easy to use online form builder lets you create rich forms with skip logic and validation to collect data, including point, line and area data. Enjoy one-click dynamic access from Manifold projects to collected data, with effortless copy and paste of collected data into enterprise databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, or into Esri geodatabases.
  • Free Viewer - Publish multi-hundred GB projects created in Manifold that anybody can pop open in 1/10th second for free using Manifold Viewer - free to download, no registration required, and no ads or upsell.
  • Share Data in Organizations - Manifold Server makes it easy to share data sets throughout your organization. Save frequently used data on one machine and use it on hundreds of others! Server is built into Manifold Universal and Manifold Server editions.
  • Web Serving Built In - Create GIS-powered web sites in one minute with no need for coding, no need for a web server like IIS or Apache, and no need for Map Server middleware! Manifold Server creates GIS-enabled web sites directly from Manifold: if you have Manifold Universal or Server edition installed on a computer, you can serve web sites directly from that computer with no other software. Super!
  • Better Data Science - Far more advanced DBMS and SQL for better data science.
  • Higher Precision - Sub-pixel reprojection for rasters, and 170+ grids built in for NADCON5, HARN, and NTv2.
  • No Dumbing Down - Arc crashes so much with bigger data you often have to use downsampled, less precise data with Esri. Manifold easily runs with full precision data with no dumbing down required.
  • No Paywalls - Everything is included and built-in for $145. Get thousands of features and never have to buy anything extra.
  • No Puzzles - Manifold includes it all in a single, unified, highly orthogonal package that saves you time and money. No need to learn a patchwork of old, third party packages to do what should be built into the GIS itself, and no need to spend days playing software developer, trying to write bug-free code in Python for what Manifold delivers instantly with a point and click. Add Manifold to your GIS toolbox to complement those FOSS tools you know and love, to save time and effort when "free" software costs way more in time.
  • Better Scripting - If you like to code, Manifold supports 11 standard languages, including Python, V8, C# and Microsoft standard languages. Mix and match scripting inline in different languages on the fly within SQL expressions, and mix native SQL from DBMS packages like Postgres or Oracle within the same query as native, parallel, Manifold SQL. No limits, just ease of use and awesome power for GIS developers.
  • Avoid Prep Time - Much traditional GIS is complex prep work to enable faster processing by slower tools. Manifold speed allows skipping unnecessary prep work for lower cost and faster response.
  • Agility - Faster performance and reduced complexity let you incorporate changes in data and analytics requirements faster and more easily. Bring agility to your organization instead of wasting time trying to get around the limitations of slower tools.
  • Super Documentation - Numerous videos provide a fast and easy start, and a lavishly illustrated, online User Manual written by full-time, professional, technical writers covers every detail of Manifold with hundreds of step by step examples. The API guide for developers provides hundreds of programmer to programmer examples, each given in C#, VBScript, and Python.
  • Honest Quality - Enjoy better quality with near-zero bugs. Bugs never pile up but are immediately eliminated within a week or two. No need to buy a maintenance contract - bug fixes are always free.
  • Community Driven - A highly active user community guides the product, with new builds on average every two weeks adding hundreds of features per month. No other GIS has such a direct connection to user community requests.
  • Affordable - For only $145, you can easily afford integrated ease of use, vast and comprehensive capabilities, results that are always correct, crash-free reliability, and eye-popping parallel speed.

Manifold handles huge data, both raster and vector, with never a crash. Add Manifold to your GIS toolkit and run big, complex jobs in Manifold to save time, to handle big data, and to avoid workflow disruption caused by crashes. Manifold also adds massive data science capabilities not found in other desktop GIS packages. Esri users save big using Manifold for database connections and geoprocessing, instead of buying expensive options. FOSS users save big by saving days and weeks of time.

"Merging is fantastically fast in M9. I merged some lidar tiles a while back in a project which already contained nearly half a TB of lidar data. The 30000x22000 surface was merged and written to a new component in the project in an eye watering 3.5 seconds." - Forum post
"I just want to say that the way Manifold can work with copc is wonderful 🙂 No problem of working with laslibrary of 3.3Bn points. At no point is disk or memory usage excessive. I do not have to think it is composed of 60+ laz files, 18GB total. I have 1 whole drawing zoomable and pannable at once." - Forum post
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Manifold runs parallel on all cores

Faster by Design

Manifold is 64-bit and fully parallel throughout, automatically unleashing the incredible power of all of the CPU cores in your system. Four cores or sixty four, Manifold uses them all. Even faster, Manifold automatically launches massively parallel computations using thousands of available GPU cores for supercomputer speed. Running on a 24 core processor? Manifold will use all 48 threads.

Image at right: Manifold running 48 threads with 100% utilization on an inexpensive 24 core / 48 thread AMD Threadripper. Running 48 threads with 100% utilization Manifold takes only 9 seconds to compute Path Distance. Esri's Spatial Analyst on the same machine takes 12 minutes, using only nine threads with poor utilization. Add Manifold to your Esri toolset for faster geoprocessing.

In contrast, QGIS is not at all parallel, and Esri products are only partially CPU parallel - that's why they are so much slower than Manifold. Esri has a split architecture where non-parallel applications like ArcGIS Pro launch partially parallel geoprocessing tools, with virtually no use of GPU parallelism in geoprocessing. Esri tools do not use multiple cores effectively, often running only four to nine threads when Manifold runs 48 threads.

"I have started to finally put v9 in my work and I must say "WOW" at least 10 times a day. It just keeps getting better and better." - Forum post

Manifold takes advantage of modern, manycore, desktop CPUs like the AMD 3900x, which delivers 24 threads at a consumer price anyone can afford. Even in smaller CPUs with eight cores that can launch only sixteen threads, work that takes hours or minutes in ArcGIS Pro can often be done in minutes or seconds in Manifold. When GPU parallelism kicks in, Manifold will often run 100 to 200 times faster than Esri. Manifold's fully CPU parallel and GPU parallel architecture runs way faster than Esri partial CPU parallelism, even in older CPUs and even with older, very inexpensive GPU cards.

Video at right: 100x Faster - Watch Manifold do in 0.9 seconds what takes Spatial Analyst a minute and a half, over 100 times faster. Sure, Manifold is faster on a high-end machine that can run 48 threads. This video shows Manifold is faster even with fewer cores on an affordable desktop system.

Spend only $145 for Manifold and do geoprocessing ten to 200 times faster than Arc + Spatial Analyst that costs you over $5000 per seat. Amazing!

At your fingertips

Includes Everything

Install one package and you have it all at your fingertips for only $145. No need to buy expensive extras or to struggle to integrate separate products. You know how Esri wants to charge you a few thousand more for the feature you need? Manifold doesn't do that. Manifold includes everything, right out of the box. All the extras are already built-in. Launch Manifold and you can do it all right away.


No Puzzles

Manifold was built from the ground up by a single, professional team as a totally seamless and superlatively complete package that saves you time and money. No need to figure out a jigsaw puzzle of quirky packages and no need to spend days playing software developer. Total Manifold integration and crash-free Manifold quality set you free to focus on your business.

"M9 is extraordinary, I love the speed it opens complex layers and the clean logical interface. There has been much discussion around the lack of buttons. Please don’t change it, well designed software does not need a sea of buttons!" - Forum post

Handle Bigger Data with Ease

Computing contours on a 26000 x 38000 raster crashes ArcMap, and takes 21 minutes in ArcGIS Pro or 8 minutes in Q using GDAL. Manifold does the job in 11 seconds. Manifold is not only totally parallel for amazing speed, Manifold can also handle huge data with ease, instantly popping open projects with hundreds of GB in rasters or billions of vector objects, and then panning, zooming and geoprocessing without any delays.

"As a long time Manifold user, I'm simply awestruck by the performance gains. My colleagues are mostly Esri users, but a few simple demos of intersecting large spatial datasets have won admiration from all." - Forum post

Manifold has the ease of installation and use of a desktop application, but inside runs the fastest, fully-parallel, spatial database engine ever created, handling hundreds of gigabytes and powering astounding stand-alone Manifold speed on the desktop, bottleneck-free connections to enterprise DBMS, and effortless connections to other database technologies like Esri GDB file geodatabases, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, and many others. Manifold is guaranteed to keep up with even the fastest enterprise DBMS, allowing you to work with data in-place, or to slice and dice data in combinations from native Esri storage, enterprise DBMS storage, or using any of hundreds of formats. All that is built into Manifold with no need to buy any options.

Speed Demo - 22 Million Roads: Manifold pops open a 10GB project of all roads in the continental US, over 22 million of them, in 1/10th of a second, with instantaneous, no-delay panning and zooming, even when reprojecting 22 million polylines on the fly. Amazing! Edits go super fast too: Open a second project with over 842,000 roads in Pennsylvania and copy and paste those into the 22 million road project in seconds. Manifold delivers all that speed on an inexpensive desktop machine.

Leverage Everything

Manifold makes it easy to connect to almost any data imagineable, from enterprise DBMS servers to file databases to web servers to zillions of file formats. Manifold handles an almost unlimited range of data types in tables, vector data, raster data, drawings, maps and images. It does all that with smart dataports that understand the ins and outs of different data sources, to make life easier for you. For example, Manifold knows all the SRID codes for coordinate systems used by different Enterprise databases, like Oracle and others, so you can just connect and use the data you want.

"Because I can use a command window to write native queries Manifold is effectively a client for Postgresql, or indeed any other DBMS - I no longer need to rely on PGAdmin." - Forum post

You can blend, extract, transform, load, validate, manipulate, analyze, visualize, discover and slice and dice your data within Manifold or in-place in your preferred storage. Other applications can connect through Manifold to read/write data sources they otherwise could never touch. Exotic spatial formats? No problem. Manifold translates for you on the fly, read and write.

Manifold Release 9 for Spatial Engineering

Built for Speed

Release 9 is built on Manifold's Radian® spatial database engine, the fastest, fully-parallel, spatial database engine ever created. The engine is built into Manifold and totally automatic, so it's easy to use: pop open a Manifold project and it looks like any other desktop application with no admin worries, no complex configuration or puzzles about where data is stored. Save your project to a single file that you can copy, share, and archive however you like.

Manifold is so fast that it can connect to and use any DBMS, if you prefer to keep your spatial data in a DBMS like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, or any other. Guaranteed to keep up with even the fastest enterprise DBMS you use, so you can work with enterprise data in-place.

But you don't need an external DBMS: you can easily host large, complex projects and applications entirely within Manifold on your desktop. Manifold effortlessly cascades and nests hierarchies of projects with zero pass-through performance hit, so a single Manifold project can encompass terabytes of data while reaching out to exabytes of data in external servers. On your desktop. Today.

"First of all - Radian Studio! Wow! It is really as fast as advertised." - Forum post.

Manifold is so much faster than any traditional spatial file formats that you'll probably want to upgrade your inventory of spatial files to use Manifold as your data store. Once transferred into Manifold storage a 100 GB image pops open instantly. Large vector data sets that absolutely crush traditional GIS applications pop open in seconds as well.

Do in 1/10th Second what takes others 30 minutes. See Manifold technology in action Watch the Gulf Bathymetry YouTube video of Manifold Viewer opening a project file in 1/10th second that the US Government website providing the data warned will take Esri software 30 minutes to open in the equivalent Esri native format. That's thousands of times faster for Manifold. Viewer effortlessly hill shades and styles and re-projects on the fly 7.5 GB of ultra-high resolution bathymetry data for the Gulf of Mexico. Re-projection can take hours in other packages but Viewer and Manifold do it on the fly, instantly.
Supercomputer speed

Your Own Supercomputer

Apply the effortless, easy power of Manifold point-and-click dialogs or the infinite power of automatically parallel Manifold SQL. Manifold unleashes the full power of all the CPU cores in your system and automatically launches massively parallel computations using thousands of available GPU cores for supercomputer computational performance unmatched by any other non-parallel GIS or spatial engineering tool. This isn't marketing hype: calculations that take minutes without Manifold can often be done in a second or two in Manifold. Don't settle for distributed data storage without parallel computation and don't settle for parallelism that requires custom coding by experts. Insist on the real thing: automatic, parallel computation with no parallel coding required. Manifold is the real deal: Nothing else comes close.

"Input: 220803 areas (coord count 4 to 841654, often highly convoluted). Output: 29306396 convex areas. Incredibly fast.." - Forum post on convex decomposition of polygons, in Manifold an easy function.

Parallel SQL

Overlays are easy in Manifold

Adding Manifold to your toolset adds DBMS and SQL capabilities for more advanced data science. DBMS and advanced SQL have always been a weak spot in other GIS packages, but an outstanding strength of Manifold.

Inside Manifold runs the most powerful spatial DBMS ever created, all within a compact and totally unified Manifold desktop application with no admin burdens. It's all automatic.

Built upon manycore parallel CPU and massively parallel GPU DBMS infrastructure, Manifold includes a sophisticated, automatically parallel SQL query engine with a very high degree of modularity. Big tasks get split into small tasks, which get sent to different computation nodes using Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) analytics. Manifold does that optimization automatically.

But Manifold goes much further than use of homogenous nodes. Some of those nodes, potentially many thousands of nodes, can be GPU cores, and those GPU cores can be different types of cores from different GPUs. Some of those nodes, also potentially thousands but more likely only a few dozen or few hundred, can be CPU cores. Computational nodes also can be external databases like Oracle or PostgreSQL. The query engine will split the work between any and all such nodes so that they all run in parallel. All that is included in every Manifold desktop at no extra cost.

Triangulate 5 Million Points instantly. See Manifold in action Watch the Triangulate 5 Million Points YouTube video of Manifold previewing in one second a triangulation of over five million points, and then writing out the triangulation as a new drawing with over ten million areas in under three minutes. Other GIS software takes from well over an hour for that to even more than a day. Download the data set in shapefile format and try it in any other GIS. Nothing else comes close to one second.

In addition to the query engine Manifold has a big roster of built-in SQL functions, both spatial and non-spatial, which all work within that parallel architecture. Manifold also provides a rich set of facilities to add very involved custom functions for execution within SQL using scripts written in popular languages.

All that parallelism happens automatically with no need for any parallel coding or manual setup of tasks. Write the SQL you already know and Manifold executes it as if a team of experts had parallelized it for you. No need for weeks or months of scary effort that older tools require.

"I went from only being able to generate watercourses/watersheds on relatively small DEM's to being able to generate watercourses/watersheds on SRTM data for the whole of the New Zealand mainland in 10 mins and 20 mins respectively on my 5 year old machine. Amazing work!" - Forum post.

It's also great to have everything you need for world-class spatial DBMS magic built into Manifold, with no need to install and maintain a separate DBMS. Manifold connects with ease and has perfect support for popular enterprise DBMS as well, but you don't have to use an external DBMS to get vast capacity and blistering speed. All that is built into Manifold.

Manifold is so fast and so powerful as a DBMS that many people use Manifold for data science and DBMS ETL having nothing to do with GIS: they like the speed, power, flexibility, point-and-click tools, SQL sophistication, and ease of use Manifold delivers for database exploration, analytics, and manipulation.

"When I said "Radian is much faster than PostgresSQL with uncomplicated SQL." I was thinking about the time I spend trying to get PostgresSQL server working rather than how fast queries work. [...] For dweebs like me having to run a database server on your home computer is daunting so a program [like Manifold] that has its own database functionality internal and local is much faster in terms of real effort time." - Forum post

Region visible from green dot

Superior Analytics

Manifold's modern technology delivers the most sophisticated spatial analytics in GIS or DBMS. Legacy packages have legacy limitations, such as separate layers or data sets for polygons, lines and points or tedious preparation to assure no overlaps for spatial overlays. Manifold provides a rich selection of spatial engineering tools, both point-and-click templates as well as massively complete SQL functions, that automatically handle any topology, no matter how strange, and simultaneously work with mixed polygons, lines and points with automatic blending of mixed database values and mixed projections as well. No other spatial data tool at any price can handle such difficult topological situations automatically.

"Manifold fixes most geometry problems on the fly so can process large datasets that have errors. I think errors become more of an issue with large datasets, particularly those that are compilations. Some other GIS systems stop processing when they hit errors like polygons with self-intersects. Manifold gets the job done for me in these cases." - Forum post
Try LiDAR in Manifold Now. See Manifold in action Watch the Maryland LiDAR REST Server YouTube video showing the LiDAR data set illustrated above. Try it yourself with Manifold Viewer.

Professional Quality in Every Detail

Manifold delivers massively complete, totally professional capability in key details that far exceed amateur packages and are unavailable even in professional packages costing thousands of dollars more. Want NADCON 5 accuracy today? Can't get that in ArcGIS PRO 2.4, but NADCON 5 capability is built into Manifold at no extra cost. Manifold knows over 7500 projections (coordinate systems) worldwide, all of which are updated and supported directly by Manifold with no need to wait for updates to third party libraries.

"Having some programming experience in a former life its easy to really appreciate what you guys are creating. And now that the price is so ridiculously low, it must be the best commercial software value in any sector." - Manifold user at a government geospatial agency.

Manifold includes extra high accuracy, point-and-click, conversion methods for coordinate system transformations, including hundreds of grid transformations worldwide for NADCON 5, NADCON, HARN, HPGN, and NTv2 high accuracy conversions. Manifold also knows all coordinate systems (SRIDs) used by major spatial databases, like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, and DB2, and Manifold knows all collations used by those databases for various languages. Many claim to support Unicode, but without full database collations support like Manifold provides you don't have real Unicode capability.

"I would like to say thank you to the entire development team for their unwavering commitment to developing this technical masterpiece of software." - Forum post.

Exceptional Support

Manifold fixes bugs in days, not in weeks or months, so bugs never pile up. Manifold provides free updates with no need to buy a support contract to get bug fixes. Every week or two a new build comes out you can download and use at no charge. New builds add dozens of new features and fix bugs. Manifold's outstanding User Manual, covering every detail with thousands of illustrations and hundreds of step by step examples, supported with an extensive video library, makes it easy to learn how to work magic with Manifold. A highly active and civilized user community guides the product and provides constructive, collegial support.

"I reported this about a week ago and received a nice note from tech explaining what was causing the issue and that the fix was potentially a big and complex piece of work that wasn't likely to appear in the next cutting edge build and may also result in some loss of performance. Fast forward the few days to now ... This is an amazing turnaround thank you so much. They have even fixed my second report to do with Voronoi diagrams as well!" - Forum post regarding a bug report that linking over 2500 LiDAR files at the same time might lose some points. The bug was fixed in one week, with improved performance.

Manifold® Server

Manifold Server

New ! Manifold® Server is a read-only, multiuser spatial database server for sharing projects and data that is really easy to use. Server is so easy to use that it makes sharing projects and data easier and way more productive for both experts and non-experts alike. Server can share constellations of thousands of project files and the data they contain.

Server also creates and serves GIS-enabled web sites, with no coding required, and no need for anything but Manifold. No need for web servers like IIS or Apache, and no need for map serving middleware like Map Server. Just create a project in desktop Manifold like you normally do and with zero extra work Manifold Server will serve it to the web. Amazing!

Sample Web Site

Try out the sample web site that shows total eclipses of the sun from 2024 to 2048, including four outstanding eclipses in the next five years in the US, Spain, Egypt, and Australia!

Illustration at right: A reduced size screenshot of the sample web site showing a closer view of the 2024 April 08 eclipse path. Click the illustration to visit the live website.

Pan with your mouse and zoom in and out using the mouse wheel or by clicking the web site's toolbar zoom in / zoom out buttons. As you zoom in, more layers appear to provide more info.

Click the Locations button on the web site's toolbar and choose an eclipse to go to that view.

Click the Info button and click on an eclipse path to see day of the week, date, time, and duration of the eclipse at that place on the path. Click the Info button again to exit Info mode.

Click the Layers button and check/uncheck layer boxes to turn layers on/off and then press Apply. Try the Terrain layer to see a USGS hill-shaded landscape layer.

Hover the mouse cursor over the toolbar buttons to see tooltips. Choose a location that jumps immediately to a view of upcoming eclipses or shows a view for an entire continent. The Layers button allows turning on a terrain layer showing hillshaded terrain, overlaid with country borders if you like. The terrain layer is a 17 GB raster image, served directly from a Manifold project file with no need for tilesets or storage in databases. No coding required!

Manifold® Commander

Manifold Commander

New ! Manifold® Commander is a console application version of Manifold that provides the full range of Manifold query and scripting capabilities from a command line, making it easy to automate tasks.

Commander launches from a command line such as in a Windows Command Prompt window, or in a .bat batch file, or from a Windows PowerShell script, or from within Windows Task Manager to automate tasks.  Commander can run either SQL queries or scripts from within a specified .map file, and Commander also can run scripts from a specified script file stored outside a Manifold project. Script in ten different languages!

Replace Costly and Slow ETL Tools - Commander is Manifold, so just like Manifold it runs fully parallel, with incredible parallel CPU and massively parallel GPU speed. Queries and scripts provide access to the full power of Manifold, enabling use of hundreds of Manifold functions and the full power of SQL and scripts to interact with data in databases or in any of hundreds of formats and data sources, to transform that data, do analyses, and save the transformed data or results or output to desired formats. Replace costly, non-parallel tools like FME at a fraction of the price.

See the Manifold Commander web page for an overview.

SQL for ArcGIS®Pro

SQL for ArcGIS Pro

SQL for ArcGIS® Pro is an add-in that provides ArcGIS® Pro users with the world's most sophisticated and most powerful desktop spatial SQL. Enjoy life with super-fast SQL and say good-bye to the hassles of trying to do big, complex jobs without SQL.

See the SQL for ArcGIS Pro page for an overview.

Special Offers

$145 - Manifold Release 9 Professional - Includes all Release 9 features except Manifold Server. Single desktop license that enables 64-bit operation in 64-bit Windows systems.

$195 - Manifold Release 9 Universal - Includes all Release 9 Professional features plus two additional major features: Manifold Commander, a console application version of Manifold for automating tasks, and also a limited Manifold Server version for smaller workgroups.

Manifold Commander runs from a command line, and allows running SQL queries within a Manifold project or scripts either within the Manifold project or in external files. It allows launching commands to automatically do work without having to manually launch Manifold and operate it interactively. Using Windows Task Scheduler you can launch tasks using Commander on a regular schedule, such as updating a CSV every night for serving to clients, updating databases, or converting files into different formats.

The limited Manifold Server configuration in Universal edition allows one Server instance per machine launched from a Command Prompt window with a limited number of connections. A universal license is a single desktop license that includes simultaneous interactive use of Manifold 9 along with a Server instance, allowing interactive use at the same time the machine is running as a server. Best buy.

$395 - Manifold Release 9 Server - Includes all Release 9 Universal features and also includes an unlimited Manifold Server version that is perfect for serving larger workgroups or, with more powerful server hardware, entire organizations. Manifold Release 9 Server edition has no limit to the number of Server connections, no limit to the number of Server instances on a server machine, and can launch and to manage Server instances as Windows services.

An unlimited number of connections takes advantage of cost-efficient, many core CPUs that can provide very many threads on server machines at low cost. Single machine license that includes simultaneous interactive use of Manifold 9 along with a Server instances, allowing interactive use at the same time the machine is running as a server. Outstanding value for workgroups and organizations

$225 - Manifold Release 9 Professional + Manifold 8.00 Ultimate x64 - A product bundle that includes both Manifold Release 9 Professional and Manifold 8.00 Ultimate x64 at one low price.

$275 - Manifold Release 9 Universal + Manifold 8.00 Ultimate x64 - A product bundle that includes both Manifold Release 9 Universal and Manifold 8.00 Ultimate x64 at one low price.

$95 - Manifold 8.00 Ultimate x64 - Release 8 is the world's best classic GIS providing seamless desktop, enterprise, programming and web serving GIS in totally integrated product. Get all features of the 8.00 product line at the best price ever.

$145 - SQL for ArcGIS® Pro - Special introductory offer for SQL for ArcGIS Pro: Save $100 off the regular price of $245. Single desktop license that includes all SQL for ArcGIS Pro features. Requires Esri ArcGIS® Pro version 2.8 or more recent. Supports both ArcGIS Pro 2.x as well as the new ArcGIS Pro 3.x release. Includes free download of maintenance upgrades. Best buy.

Trade Ins for a Discount

Manifold provides two upgrade options that allow you to trade in a license to get a higher valued product at a discount:

  • Upgrade Manifold 9.00 Professional to Manifold 9.00 Universal - Trade in a Manifold 9.00 Professional license to get a Manifold 9.00 Universal license at a discount. After the trade in discount, the cost of the Universal license will be only $100.
  • Upgrade Manifold 9.00 Universal to Manifold 9.00 Server - Trade in a Manifold 9.00 Universal license to get a Manifold 9.00 Server license at a discount. After the trade in discount, the cost of the Server license will be only $300.

Licenses cannot be traded in if they were acquired as part of a discounted bundle. For example, a Release 9.00 Professional license acquired as part of a 4x Professional + Server discounted bundle cannot be traded in to get a discount on a Release 9.00 Universal license.

For an illustrated, step-by-step example showing how to take advantage of either of the above trade in offers, see the How to Upgrade page.

Quantity Discounts

$775 - 4x Manifold 9.00 Professional + Manifold 9.00 Server - Perfect for GIS workgroups: Get four Manifold 9.00 Professional Licenses and a Manifold 9.00 Server license for the price of a Manifold 9.00 Universal license. Best buy.

$580 - 5x Manifold 9.00 Professional - Enjoy a 20% discount on five Manifold 9.00 Professional licenses.

$780 - 5x Manifold 9.00 Universal - Enjoy a 20% discount on five Manifold 9.00 Universal licenses.

Experience Manifold Power in a Free Tool

Manifold Viewer is completely free - no need to register, no ads, no upsell, no soliciting donations - it's really free!

Manifold Viewer is the free, read-only version of Manifold Release 9. Although Viewer cannot write projects or save edited data back out to the original data sources, Viewer provides phenomenal capability to view and to analyze almost all possible different types of data in tables, vector geometry, raster data, drawings, maps and images from thousands of different sources. Viewer includes full SQL as well, with hundreds of spatial and other analytic functions.

Viewer can also create and write spatial indices for entire folders full of LiDAR files, save connections to favorite files and data sources, and even edit and save localization files to translate Manifold into new languages.

Manifold Viewer delivers a truly useful, fully CPU-parallel and GPU-parallel Manifold tool that gives you parallel power and endless Manifold capabilities at zero cost. No need to register, no adware, no requests for donations and no selling: use Viewer however you like, including commercial purposes. You can even redistribute Viewer, all for free.

Viewer is a great way to share the amazing projects you create in Manifold for free. Publish multi-hundred GB projects created in Manifold that anybody can pop open in 1/10th second for free using Viewer. Publish projects that include automatic connections to your organization's databases and worldwide webserved data, and include pre-built, sophisticated analytics and dynamic reporting that users can launch with a point and click. Track pandemics, help first responders fight wildfires, or just help your organization do a better job.

See Manifold Viewer in Action.

Viewer's small download (only 50 MB), instant launch, and clean display - free of convoluted ribbons and endless, confusing buttons - make it perfect for unskilled users. With Viewer a million people can share the dazzling analytics and insights you create with an inexpensive Manifold license, all at fully parallel speed with no need to pay for costly, cloud-based, web processing. Like Manifold, Viewer never crashes, no matter how big or complicated the job.

See Viewer in action Watch the Manifold Viewer Introduction YouTube video.

"Mfd 9 is becoming a really good tool for sharing data with non-GIS folks. Clean interface makes it easy to teach others simple tasks. Easy to transfer a project. Easy to install software. Free viewer." - Forum post

Get Manifold Viewer

Classic GIS Manifold Release 8 is the world's best GIS

Looking for world-class GIS in a classic product? Get Manifold System Release 8. Created by the makers of Manifold Release 9, Release 8 delivers by far the world's most reliable classic GIS, providing unmatched breadth and depth of professional and enterprise class power. Nothing else comes close at any price.

Release 8 delivers the world's best classic GIS together with exceptional data capabilities for a GIS. Release 9 delivers the world's best GIS with unmatched power and performance in GIS. Run Release 8 for entry level, classic GIS, or run Release 9 for superior, ultrafast GIS work, or get both products for your toolbox to enjoy a vast range of GIS and spatial data engineering capabilities no other ensemble can match.

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Mount St. Helens region

One meter resolution Digial Elevation data of the Mount St. Helens volcano crater and region to the north devastated by ejecta and lahirs flowing from the catastrophic eruption of 18 May 1980. The terrain elevation model, colored by Manifold using a palette, is shown in a map between an upper, partially transparent set of labels from a Google web server and overlaid on a streets vector layer also from a Google web server. The elevation data is over 3 gigabytes and displays, pans and zooms instantly in Manifold.

About Manifold

Manifold is a deep technology company creating advanced, parallel algorithms, next-level technology, and computation know-how that powers faster performance and smarter operations.

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