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Manifold Internet Map Server

See the Manifold® Internet Map Server (IMS) page for an introduction to Manifold IMS. Manifold IMS is a built in part of Manifold® Release 8 Ultimate. This page provides a guide to requirements for creating a GIS-enabled web site using Manifold IMS. Here's all you need to create a Manifold IMS web site:

  • A PC running Windows. - Just about any reasonably modern PC will do. Of course, a 64-bit PC running 64-bit Windows will run faster.
  • Windows Internet Information Server (IIS) 5.0 or greater, or other HTML server. - IIS is the very cool and powerful web server that is built into most versions of Windows. If you have a modern Windows package like Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Server 20xx, etc., you already have IIS. You can even use the Personal Web Server version of IIS that is provided free with many Windows versions. If you have IIS you can run your own web server.
  • A full-time connection to Internet. - If you have an always-on broadband connection such as a DSL line, cable modem, fiber, etc., with your own. static IP address you are read to go! Some ISPs may charge a few dollars a month extra to provide you with a static IP address for your connection. If you have always-on Internet but you do not have a static IP address you can use a dynamic DNS provider to provide a dynamic link to your web server.
  • Manifold System Release 8 - Release 8 Ultimate includes IMS.
  • Basic web mastering skills. - It's amazing how far one can get with elementary web mastering skills by using basic IMS templates with no programming required. However, as simple as all that is you must have basic web skills or have the willingness to spend a day or two acquiring them. If you have stronger skills, of course, the sky is the limit, especially if you have good web progamming skills.

That's all you need! If you have the above you can operate your own web server to host your own web sites, and you can use Manifold IMS to GIS-enable your web sites. Many web site hosting companies can provide you with the above in the form of your own leased system.

Alternatively, you can use a commercial service to host your Manifold IMS web site. A variety of commercial hosting services now support Manifold IMS websites. You'll still need Manifold System to create your project but if you do not have a full time Internet connection or do not want to operate your own web server you can use a commercial provider to host your Manifold IMS web site.

More Information

Visit the following pages for additional, detailed information on Manifold IMS:

  • Internet Map Server - Manifold IMS home page.
  • Top 10 IMS Advantages - The top ten advantages reported by Manifold users over using old-fashioned, archaic IMS products.
  • Live IMS Examples - Live examples of IMS running on servers, with links to complete source code for examples.
  • IMS FAQ - Frequently asked questions and answers.

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Illustration, left: The Manifold Internet Map Server can serve a vast variety of data, including CAD drawings. The illustration shows detailed plans of a theater in New Zealand, used by theater professionals to plan performances. Using a Runtime License the cost of such capabilities is effectively zero.