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  • Defense
  • Intelligence
  • Health and Human Services
  • Federal, State and Local
  • Communities
  • Facilities Management
  • Land Administration
  • Taxation
  • Public Works
  • AEC
  • Economic Development
  • Elections and Redistricting
  • Urban Planning
  • Homeland/National Security
  • Disaster Management
  • Fire and Emergency Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Oil and Gas
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Insurance
  • Health and Medical
  • Retail
  • Agriculture
  • Computational Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Real Estate
  • Banking
  • Marketing
  • Media / Entertainment
  • Supply Chain
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Drones
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Pipeline
  • Telecommunications
  • Internet
  • Ride Sharing
  • Water Utilities
  • Airports & Aviation
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Highways
  • Railways
  • Ports & Maritime
  • Public Transport

Easy to Play

Magic is Just a Click Away

Endless Power - Effortlessly

Manifold® Release 9 delivers effortless access to a world of spatial data - your world - within an integrated system that features point and click ease to hundreds of functions. Data that powers decisions, wealth creation and success in today's world is spatial data and Manifold delivers the seamless capability to manage and understand that data. Never before has so much power with such outstanding ease of use been so affordable: only $145.

"The interface is just superb, albeit with the usual short learning curve. (It's way easier than photoshop)" - Forum post

Total Reliability

A GIS that crashes all the time is a hard GIS to use. Manifold never crashes. No matter how complex the job, you can count on Manifold not to crash on you. That lowers stress and makes it a lot easier to use.

"I really love this product. It's so easy, it's so reliable." - Manifold user

Enjoy Parallel Speed

Fast GIS is fun GIS, the faster the better. Release 9 is built upon Manifold's massively parallel Radian® spatial database platform, by far the world's richest, fastest and most powerful spatial data engineering engine. Radian technology guarantees phenomenal power and speed even with big data and all with bulletproof reliability. Release 9 never crashes.

Combining in seconds 4.3 GB of separate cadastral drawings for 17 counties: "What is most impressive for me is not the 40 sec to do the merge but the ~15 min it took me to figure out what to do, import the shp files and put in a map, have some confidence IDs and indexing capability are there to bring in more data fields later, and press the button to do the merge. Even if GDAL or ArcGIS merge as fast it would take me forever to figure out how to do it with them." - Forum post

Fast Opens

Data in a Manifold Release 9 project is fast. Really fast. No need to wait minutes for a large table, image or drawing to display. Manifold Release 9 opens 100 GB images instantly and allows you to pan and zoom effortlessly with zero delay. Likewise with very large vector datasets such as drawings or maps where Release 9 opens the project instantly and will render a huge drawing in seconds when other systems take minutes. As you zoom in Release 9 will render scenes instantly.

Open and view 110GB of images instantly. See Release 9 in action Watch the YouTube Open 110GB of Images video of Manifold instantly opening a project containing 110 Gigabytes of georeferenced images and then panning and zooming around those images instantly. Nothing else comes close.

Fast Saves

No need to risk safe workflow by hesitating to save a project because you know it will take a long time. You can open a 100 GB project, make extensive changes and then save the project instantly as well. The project is already saved before your finger comes up off the click of the mouse.

"Perfect!!!! Incredibly easy with M9. I found a way to do it in a different package. It took an hour just to understand the process. [M9] took 5 mins from start to finish." - Forum post

Easier Editing

Instantly edit vectors and tables with fast, efficient, interactive mouse moves or dialogs, and edit with total reliability. There's never any hesitation or strange slow downs, so you can edit rapidly with the interface helping you and not hindering you. Manifold has the best vector editing in GIS.

"Editing Drawing components interactively is so easy, responsive, reliable, etc. I prefer Manifold's vector editing experience to QGIS, Arc, GlobalMapper, etc." - Manifold user

Manifold Intelligence for Easy Connections

Manifold applies a treasure trove of knowledge, experience and street-smart savvy when connecting to hundreds of different database servers, web data sources, file databases and file formats. With a point and a click the data you want is accessed and available to you because Manifold knows the tricky details involved in so many different sources. You can see that in action when you connect to a web-based image server. Manifold automatically loads the URL with all the baffling details that might take you hours of tinkering or days of searching web forums to figure out on your own. Several different file formats use the same three-letter extension? No problem, as Manifold can tell them apart and will automatically use the right dataport to connect.

"I have started to finally put v9 in my work and I must say "WOW" at least 10 times a day. It just keeps getting better and better." - Forum post

Automatic Projections

Manifold knows basically all projections everywhere. Automatic support for thousands and thousands of different coordinate systems, all of EPSG and a seeming infinity of others has all your needs covered. Manifold also uses parallel processing to re-project data on the fly, even read-only data, to show data in different projections together at the same time. Automatically. No need to alter the source data.

The image nearby shows terrain elevation data for the Mount St. Helens volcano crater region in Latitude / Longitude mixed with two different a Google image server layers in pseudo-Mercator. Everything lines up perfectly. Manifold does it all for you. Automatically.

Do in 1/10th Second what takes others 30 minutes. See Manifold on the fly re-projection in action Watch the Gulf Bathymetry YouTube video to see how Manifold technology re-projects over 7.5 Gigabytes of data on the fly to match other layers in a map, providing instantaneous panning and zooming. Re-projection can take hours in other packages but Viewer and Manifold can do it on the fly, instantly.

Raw Speed Makes it Easy

Fast is easy and slow is hard. Just say no to slow. Manifold automatically uses every CPU and every CPU core in your system for CPU parallelism and if you have a GPU will automatically apply GPU acceleration to run massively parallel computations using thousands of GPU cores. Manifold always runs parallel for maximum possible speed.

"So how fast is this reprojection? It's hard not to use rude words here. Disruptively fast! ...Radian's speed-up over Manifold 8 for this task is 16x." - User post on beta forum.

No Need to Learn Parallel Programming

Run parallel code without learning anything about how to code parallel algorithms. Manifold SQL automatically applies CPU parallelism everywhere, using every CPU core you have in every statement, every operator and every function. Manifold also revolutionizes the use of massively parallel GPU acceleration by automatically parallelizing SQL both for CPU parallelism and GPU paralleism. GPU acceleration works everywhere in Manifold SQL where worthwhile work arises: in the SELECT list, in WHERE, in EXECUTE, ...everywhere. You don't have to learn programming environments like CUDA. Use the same SQL you already know and Manifold automatically parallelizes it to use GPGPU. If you don't have a GPU Manifold automatically falls back to CPU parallelism with no need to edit code or change any SQL. It's all automatic.

Automatic, Dynamic Previews - See before you Do

See what a point-and-click template or an expression will do before you commit the change. Visual previews throughout Manifold - tables, images, drawings, maps - prevent errors and wasted workflow. The images above show how a point and click Buffers template is previewed in blue preview color in a map. As we change buffer settings in the transform dialog the preview in the map automatically changes. Besides avoiding errors, that makes it easy to pick exactly the right buffer setting for what we want to do.

Triangulate 5 Million Points instantly. See Manifold in action Watch the Triangulate 5 Million Points YouTube video of Manifold previewing in one second a triangulation of over five million points, and then writing out the triangulation as a new drawing with over ten million areas in under three minutes. Other GIS software takes from well over an hour for that to even more than a day. Download the data set in shapefile format and try it in any other GIS. Nothing else comes close to one second.

The Best Documentation

Manifold provides lavishly illustrated documentation that explains the entire system with hundreds of step-by-step, illustrated examples. Screenshots and diagrams make it easy to understand and apply sophisticated concepts.

"I’m using and loving version 9!!!" - Forum post

Manifold Writes SQL for You

You know those "Hello, World" moments when you really would like to see how it's done in a new system, to learn how to cut through infrastructure and do what you want? Manifold makes that easy for you by automatically writing SQL to show you how it's done.

Want to see how a point-and-click template works? Click the Edit Query button and Manifold launches a command window loaded with the SQL the template executes so you can see what functions are being used. It's a live query, so you can customize the SQL as you like or copy and paste into new queries.

virtuoso Spatial Functions

Manifold provides every tool you need to blend, transform, analyze and manipulate the world's most complex spatial data in a flash. Manifold's sophisticated parallelized spatial operators, like topology and spatial overlays, work with mixed objects, pathological geometry and do not require special data cleaning or simplification before use. Hundreds of specialized Manifold functions are waiting for you patiently on the shelf, tucked unobtrusively out of the way but bristling with power, ready to work for you when your SQL calls them into play.

"I've recently set a school district up with 9 to help them in their efforts to get good internet to all the kids. The ability to stream Google aerial, free viewer, clean initial interface (not intimidating) and ability to add specific SQL queries for certain needs made the choice for using 9." - Forum Post

Scripting Built In

Every Manifold installation includes support for 10 different programming languages, so scripting is always at your fingertips. Manifold automatically provides programming in C#, JScript, JScript.NET, VB.NET and VBScript that are part of Manifold's Microsoft environment, with IronPython and IronRuby automatically added to Manifold menus when installed. Manifold also supports F#, PerlScript and PythonScript when installed.

See Everything - All the Web Sources

The world's spatial data - your spatial data - hangs out in a host of database servers, file databases, web server sources and file formats. Manifold connects to them all, including multiple sources at the same time. Better still Manifold connects automatically to a vast range of web servers that provide data and images on the fly. Petabytes of data - at your beck and call. Manifold connects to geocoding servers for geocoding addresses. Manifold connects to image servers to provide street maps and satellite imagery, like Bing, Google, Here, NearMaps, OpenStreet Maps, WikiMapia, MapQuest and Yandex. Manifold connects to hundreds of thousands of servers using protocols like ESRI ArcGIS REST, ECWP, OSM, TMS, WFS, WMS and WMTS. Join Manifold and see the world.

Try LiDAR in Manifold Now. See Manifold technology in action Watch the Maryland LiDAR REST Server YouTube video showing the LiDAR data set illustrated below. Try it yourself with Manifold Viewer.

Formatting On the Fly

Manifold can format and style images and drawings on the fly, even from read-only web servers like Bing and Google. Combine and manipulate channels, apply hill shading and automatically calculate statistics and intervals to apply palettes to images. Apply thematic formatting to drawings all without changing the data.

"I am currently doing some computer vision work and am using Manifold for non-GIS work. I just want to say that it works extremely well. I was using it yesterday to read json files and Manifold pulls them in and converts them to useful tabular format better than any of the other tools that I use. Manifold also has always been in my toolkit for cleaning up messy attribute tables. It is more heavy duty than ms-access and has a lot of additional functionality. Just a shout-out to the team. Thanks for your good work!" - Forum post

Includes Everything

Install one package and you have it all at your fingertips. No need to buy expensive extras or to struggle to integrate separate products. Manifold includes everything, right out of the box. All the extras are already built-in. Launch Manifold and you can do it all right away.

"... when I said "Radian is much faster than PostgresSQL with uncomplicated SQL." I was thinking about the time I spend trying to get PostgresSQL server working rather than how fast queries work. When I succeed I find [simple queries] work similarly fast if key field indexes are set up in both... For dweebs like me having to run a database server on your home computer is daunting so a program that has its own database functionality internal and local is much faster in terms of real effort time." - Forum post

No Puzzles

Manifold was built from the ground up by a single, professional team as a totally seamless and superlatively complete package that saves you time and money. No need to figure out a jigsaw puzzle of quirky packages and no need to spend days playing software developer. Total Manifold integration and legendary Manifold quality set you free to focus on your business.

"If PGAdmin or Spatialite had just what RS [Release 9] has in it now in terms of GUI, it would be transformational. Simply stated, RS offers something that doesn't exist in the GIS field (or better yet, spatial analytics field - or maybe data mining field)." - User post on beta forum.

Feel at Home

Manifold speaks your language. The file provides a collection of localization files created by Manifold users. It includes files for Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (simplified, Mandarin), Dutch, Estonian, Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish languages. See the localization page for how to install. It's easy to add a new language!

  • ... and many more.

Manifold Commander

New! Automate Complex Jobs with Manifold® Commander

New ! Manifold® Commander is a console application version of Manifold that provides the full range of Manifold query and scripting capabilities from a command line, making it easy to automate tasks.

Commander launches from a command line such as in a Windows Command Prompt window, or in a .bat batch file, or from a Windows PowerShell script, from within Windows Task Manager to automate tasks.  Commander can run either SQL queries or scripts from within a specified .map file, and Commander also can run scripts from a specified script file stored outside a Manifold project. Script in ten different languages!

    Automate complex jobs using SQL
  • Your own Automated Factory - Commander provide an automated production line for accomplishing nearly any GIS, DBMS or ETL task. String together any of hundreds of functions using whatever logic you want in a sequence of SQL queries, or use scripts in any of ten different programming languages. Manifold features like the Transform pane will automatically write SQL that accomplishes what you've set up using point and click templates. It's like being able to tell a factory full of robots what you want them to do.
  • Built into Universal and Server Editions - Manifold Release 9 Universal and Server licenses include Manifold Commander. Installing either Release 9 Universal or Release 9 Server automatically installs Manifold Commander. When you buy Release 9 Universal for $195 you automatically get Manifold Commander as well. There is no need to make any additional purchases to get Commander.
  • Replace Costly and Slow ETL Tools - Commander is Manifold, so just like Manifold it runs fully parallel, with incredible parallel CPU and massively parallel GPU speed. Queries and scripts provide access to the full power of Manifold, enabling use of hundreds of Manifold functions and the full power of SQL and scripts to interact with data in databases or in any of hundreds of formats and data sources, to transform that data, do analyses, and save the transformed data or results or output to desired formats. Replace costly, non-parallel tools like FME at a fraction of the price.
  • Schedule Tasks - Using Windows Task Scheduler you can launch tasks using Commander on a regular schedule, such as updating a CSV every night for serving to clients, updating databases, or converting files into different formats.

See the Manifold Commander user manual topic for details and illustrated, step by step examples.

Experience Manifold Power in a Free Tool

Manifold Viewer is completely free - no need to register, no ads, no upsell, no soliciting donations - it's really free!

Manifold Viewer is the free, read-only version of Manifold Release 9. Although Viewer cannot write projects or save edited data back out to the original data sources, Viewer provides phenomenal capability to view and to analyze almost all possible different types of data in tables, vector geometry, raster data, drawings, maps and images from thousands of different sources. Viewer includes full SQL as well, with hundreds of spatial and other analytic functions.

Viewer can also create and write spatial indices for entire folders full of LiDAR files, save connections to favorite files and data sources, and even edit and save localization files to translate Manifold into new languages.

Manifold Viewer delivers a truly useful, fully CPU-parallel and GPU-parallel Manifold tool that gives you parallel power and endless Manifold capabilities at zero cost. No need to register, no adware, no requests for donations and no selling: use Viewer however you like, including commercial purposes. You can even redistribute Viewer, all for free.

Viewer is a great way to share the amazing projects you create in Manifold for free. Publish multi-hundred GB projects created in Manifold that anybody can pop open in 1/10th second for free using Viewer. Publish projects that include automatic connections to your organization's databases and worldwide webserved data, and include pre-built, sophisticated analytics and dynamic reporting that users can launch with a point and click. Track pandemics, help first responders fight wildfires, or just help your organization do a better job.

See Manifold Viewer in Action.

Viewer's small download (only 50 MB), instant launch, and clean display - free of convoluted ribbons and endless, confusing buttons - make it perfect for unskilled users. With Viewer a million people can share the dazzling analytics and insights you create with an inexpensive Manifold license, all at fully parallel speed with no need to pay for costly, cloud-based, web processing. Like Manifold, Viewer never crashes, no matter how big or complicated the job.

See Viewer in action Watch the Manifold Viewer Introduction YouTube video.

"Mfd 9 is becoming a really good tool for sharing data with non-GIS folks. Clean interface makes it easy to teach others simple tasks. Easy to transfer a project. Easy to install software. Free viewer." - Forum post

Get Manifold Viewer

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See everything in Manifold. A satellite view of a B2 bomber at a secret US military facility in such high detail the placement of guards and armored vehicles in a picket around the bomber is clearly visible. Whether your task is military, business, government or scientific, Manifold provides insights and understanding with point and click ease.

About Manifold

Manifold is a deep technology company creating advanced, parallel algorithms, next-level technology, and computation know-how that powers faster performance and smarter operations.

License Manifold® technology to power your company's products, or take advantage of Manifold's off-the-shelf commercial products. Jump decades ahead of your competition.

Manifold® brand products deliver quality, performance and value in the world's most sophisticated, most modern, and most powerful spatial products for GIS, ETL, DBMS, and Data Science. Total integration ensures ease of use, amazing speed, and unbeatably low cost of ownership. Tell your friends!

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