Third Party Release Levels

Manifold products utilize or integrate with a variety of products and databases from other vendors and organizations.  This topic provides a centralized listing of current release levels for third party software or databases that are used within or supported by Manifold.


After nearly 20 years of providing both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Manifold products, in 2022 Manifold dropped support for 32-bit versions, shipping all new builds in exclusively 64-bit versions.  32-bit third party software modules are no longer used.



Release Level

C Runtime (CRT)

The Microsoft Visual C++ (also called MSVC or simply VC) environment used has been updated to 14.34.31938.0.  This is a minor update with several fixes.


11.8  -  GPGPU modules for sm_50 and sm_60 architectures now use slightly less GPGPU resources.


Manifold includes and automatically loads the necessary CUDA drivers for GPUs supported by Manifold.  Manifold includes CUDA drivers for NVIDIA GPUs as far back as Fermi generation, which NVIDIA refers to as compute capability 2.0, as well as all more recent devices such as computed capability 3.0 (Kepler), compute capability 5.0 (Maxwell), compute capability 6.0 (Titan and upper-level GeForce GTX), and more recent, supporting CUDA 11 and more recent.  Manifold tracks NVIDIA releases and updates frequently, with new CUDA levels appearing in Cutting Edge Manifold builds.


Manifold GPGPU modules are loaded from the GPGPU.DAT file included within installations of 64-bit versions of Manifold and Manifold Viewer. The file contains multiple versions of each module, with the GPGPU interface automatically loading the latest version that can be used with GPU devices that are installed.  If the system has multiple GPGPU-capable devices, the GPGPU interface will load the latest version that can be used on all devices, to enforce consistency and avoid recompilations.  Performance differences between versions are mostly small, with later versions performing very slightly better than earlier ones.  See the GPGPU topic.


The SQL Server dataport supports the newest ODBC driver for SQL Server available from Microsoft, v17.  The dataport recognizes custom types for geometry, geography, and XML fields reported by the new driver.


The MySQL dataport supports MySQL 8.0,  which adds many features related to geometry (vector data), including support for coordinate systems.


Also supported: Oracle 18, and PostgreSQL 13 and 12.

ECW - This fixes a couple of minor SDK bugs related to the reading of ECW and JPEG2K images.


10.19 - See the Projections and the Coordinate System topics.


GDAL 3.3.x - The Manifold GDAL dataport allows working with GDAL 2.0.x, 2.1.x , 2.2.x, 2.3, 2.4, 3.0, 3.1.x, 3.2.x, 3.3.x, 3.4.x, 3.5.x, 3.6.x, and 3.7.x and automatically selects the latest version available with automatic adjustments for the call interface.  GDAL 3.7.x allows reading raster geodatabases.

GDB, Esri File Geodatabase

Esri file geodatabase 64-bit modules have been updated to the version SDK.


ICU has been reworked to use the ICU implementation built into Windows 10 (Windows 10 build 1903 or later). This adds much more extensive support for collation data and makes sure that collation data is kept up to date.   See the Collations topic.


1.4 - Exporting data to LAS or LAZ format always exports to the LAS 1.4 standard. Previously, the export could have produced LAS 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3, depending on the fields available, but this is much better handled by record types. The system now always export LAS 1.4 and selects the shortest record type that can fit all available fields.


LASzip version 3.5.0 is used for encoding/decoding between LAS and LAZ. This fixes a small memory leak when reading v3 LAZ files.


The MRSID SDK has been updated to This adds support for generation 4 SID files.


3.41.0 -  This adds several performance improvements for queries. The update also adds support for canceling long operations, a capability that might be used in future builds for canceling long operations when using SQLite.


1.3.0 -  This is a minor update with several fixes, particularly for use from multiple threads.