GRD, Surfer .GRD

Golden Software Surfer grid format.  Manifold will consume Surfer 6, 7 or ASCII GRD files, automatically recognizing the correct Surfer format. Importing an image from a Surfer GRD file will derive the local offset and local scale parameters used for the surface coordinate system from the file header, but otherwise the coordinate system cannot be determined and will not be assigned.   Manifold can read several different types of .grd formats and will automatically configure for Surfer style .grd when a Surfer GRD is chosen.  When exporting, .prj and .mapmeta files are written.  Only single-channel images can be exported.  See the Exporting topic.



To import from GRD format:


  1. Choose File-Import from the main menu.

  2. In the Import dialog browse to the folder containing data of interest.

  3. Double-click the file ending in .grd for the data of interest.

  4. A table and an image will be created.




We can double-click on images that are created to view them.



The image appears without using the correct projection.   That is a good reason to avoid using Surfer GRD format whenever possible, to avoid the tedious work of finding out what coordinate system is supposed to be used and then assigning it.   




We use the Style pane to color the image using a palette, and to apply hill shading, as seen above.



The display shows terrain elevation in the Mount St. Helens area.


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