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Quantity discount bundles for five license purchases of Manifold 9.00 Universal or Manifold 9.00 Professional are available in the Online Store with payment by credit card. To get a discount on five license orders, make sure to order the 5x Manifold 9.00 Universal or 5x Manifold 9.00 Professional bundles.

Discounts on quantity purchases of other products and quantities greater than five licenses are available by pre-payment using PayPal transfers. Subject to the terms and conditions of quantity purchases, the following discounts will be applied to prepaid purchases of multiple quantities of Manifold® software products (orders of four units or less are not discounted):

Discount Quantity
20% 5 to 9 units
30% 10 to 49 units
40% 50 to 99 units
50% 100+ units

Example - 12 Units Manifold Release 9 Universal:

12 x $145 = $1740. $1740 x .70 = $1218

Twelve units of Manifold Release 9 Universal would be available for $1218, a savings of $522 when using a prepaid quantity discount.

Terms and Conditions

  • All discounts are on a per order basis. If you order 3 units one day and 2 units on a different day you will not receive a discount. If you order 5 units in the same order you will qualify for a discount.
  • Discounts apply only to orders that are prepaid by PayPal transfer. Please contact for PayPal transfer information.
  • Quantity discounts are not available on the Online Store. Place quantity orders by email directly with Please make sure to write in English setting forth the products you would like to order and providing the email address and full billing address to be used for prepaying the order via PayPal.
  • Quantity discount orders are not refundable.
  • Unit quantities are on a per product basis requiring the exact, same product configuration. If you order 3 Release 9 Universal Edition units and 3 Release 9 Professional Edition units you have not qualified for the 5 to 9 unit level discount on either product.
  • Contact for any questions on computed discounts before making a PayPal transfer to be certain your assumptions and computations are correct.
  • Technical support products are not discounted.
  • Discounts do not apply to floating licenses acquired for License Server installations.

Experience Manifold Power in a Free Tool

Manifold Viewer is completely free - no need to register, no ads, no upsell, no soliciting donations - it's really free!

Manifold Viewer is the free, read-only version of Manifold Release 9. Although Viewer cannot write projects or save edited data back out to the original data sources, Viewer provides phenomenal capability to view and to analyze almost all possible different types of data in tables, vector geometry, raster data, drawings, maps and images from thousands of different sources. Viewer includes full SQL as well, with hundreds of spatial and other analytic functions.

Viewer can also create and write spatial indices for entire folders full of LiDAR files, save connections to favorite files and data sources, and even edit and save localization files to translate Manifold into new languages.

Manifold Viewer delivers a truly useful, fully CPU-parallel and GPU-parallel Manifold tool that gives you parallel power and endless Manifold capabilities at zero cost. No need to register, no adware, no requests for donations and no selling: use Viewer however you like, including commercial purposes. You can even redistribute Viewer, all for free.

Viewer is a great way to share the amazing projects you create in Manifold for free. Publish multi-hundred GB projects created in Manifold that anybody can pop open in 1/10th second for free using Viewer. Publish projects that include automatic connections to your organization's databases and worldwide webserved data, and include pre-built, sophisticated analytics and dynamic reporting that users can launch with a point and click. Track pandemics, help first responders fight wildfires, or just help your organization do a better job.

See Manifold Viewer in Action.

Viewer's small download (only 50 MB), instant launch, and clean display - free of convoluted ribbons and endless, confusing buttons - make it perfect for unskilled users. With Viewer a million people can share the dazzling analytics and insights you create with an inexpensive Manifold license, all at fully parallel speed with no need to pay for costly, cloud-based, web processing. Like Manifold, Viewer never crashes, no matter how big or complicated the job.

See Viewer in action Watch the Manifold Viewer Introduction YouTube video.

"Mfd 9 is becoming a really good tool for sharing data with non-GIS folks. Clean interface makes it easy to teach others simple tasks. Easy to transfer a project. Easy to install software. Free viewer." - Forum post

Get Manifold Viewer

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Manifold Release 9 does images too.

Terrain elevation surface colored on the fly by Manifold Release 9, served by Salisbury University web server using ESRI ArcGIS REST protocol.

About Manifold

Manifold is a deep technology company creating advanced, parallel algorithms, next-level technology, and computation know-how that powers faster performance and smarter operations.

License Manifold® technology to power your company's products, or take advantage of Manifold's off-the-shelf commercial products. Jump decades ahead of your competition.

Manifold® brand products deliver quality, performance and value in the world's most sophisticated, most modern, and most powerful spatial products for GIS, ETL, DBMS, and Data Science. Total integration ensures ease of use, amazing speed, and unbeatably low cost of ownership. Tell your friends!

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