Multi Core

Incredibly Fast - Whether your CPU has two cores or 32, SQL for ArcGIS Pro uses all of them everywhere for super fast SQL speed and massive SQL power. Only sql4arc does that.

Multi CPU

Even Faster - Raw speed is big fun. More CPUs and more cores mean easier workflow, faster SQL geoprocessing, and instant SQL analytics, even with bigger data. It's all automatic.

Multi GPU

Insanely Fastest - SQL for ArcGIS Pro automatically runs SQL on thousands of GPU cores. Do in seconds what takes hours with other tools. Enjoy life with GPU SQL speed.

SQL for File Geodatabases

New ! Esri users can now enjoy the world's best spatial SQL as an add-in to the world's premier professional desktop GIS package. SQL for ArcGIS Pro is a new add-in for Esri's ArcGIS® Pro desktop GIS. The add-in provides spatial SQL for Esri file geodatabases in your ArcGIS Pro project in tight integration with ArcGIS Pro, plus SQL for many other data sources. SQL for ArcGIS® Pro supports ArcGIS® Pro 2.x as well as the new ArcGIS® Pro 3.0 release! Use the lastest Cutting Edge installation for ArcGIS Pro 3.0 support.

The add-in enhances ArcGIS Pro with the world's most powerful desktop spatial SQL engine, Manifold's Radian® engine, to unleash the phenomenal power of SQL from your ArcGIS Pro desktop. Enjoy full-featured SQL, superior quality, and the amazing speed of parallel CPU and parallel GPU query execution, all supported with hundreds of SQL functions for every spatial need.

In Advanced mode the add-in runs spatial SQL with hundreds of file formats, databases, web servers, and other data sources outside of ArcGIS Pro, using ultra fast scratchpad storage in the add-in. That makes it easy to combine huge data from outside your ArcGIS Pro project with data inside the project. SQL for ArcGIS Pro delivers blistering speed with rock-solid reliability, even with big data.

Special introductory offer: Save $100 off the regular price of $245 - Only $145.

"I don't know how many times I can keep saying this, but this is a gamechanger. It completely changes how Esri users can approach solutions." - ArcGIS Pro Training Author

Use SQL to master all data in attribute tables, vector geometry, and even raster data. Connect to many sources at once and run SQL that in the same query simultaneously uses multiple different enterprise geodatabases, file geodatabases, and other data sources, and then do a SELECT INTO to push the results into a new table in a file geodatabase within your Pro project. Transform data in-place within existing storage or within SQL for ArcGIS Pro's own, ultra fast, scratchpad data store. SQL plays with all: Keep up with the fastest enterprise DBMS and run standalone in local storage with massive, parallel speed. Get it done right, and get it done fast with SQL for ArcGIS Pro.

The Best of Both Worlds

SQL for ArcGIS Pro combines the visual and spatial power of GIS in ArcGIS Pro with the massive data manipulation power of built-in parallel SQL: Easily accomplish what Pro alone or traditional DBMS tools cannot do. Add SQL to ArcGIS Pro to get both a killer parallel SQL and the world's foremost GIS at the same time.

"First, the solution works great!! Now, I can enter any SQL query, and get a feature class out of it. That is a game-changer." - SQL for ArcGIS Pro user

Traditional DBMS tools and ArcGIS Pro come with painful tradeoffs: Classic DBMS tools provide great DBMS capabilities but are often limited by insufficient spatial know-how, difficult spatial workflow and challenging administration, while ArcGIS Pro works great for many GIS tasks but is held back by not having database infrastructure and real SQL built in. SQL for ArcGIS Pro adds real SQL and a massively powerful internal database to turbocharge what you can do in your ArcGIS Pro projects. It's all packaged within a single, clean, easy to use, add-in package that installs and launches from ArcGIS Pro easier than Microsoft Excel.

"[SQL for ArcGIS Pro]'s function works flawlessly, seamlessly piping the data from SQL Server, through the [SQL for ArcGIS Pro] function and the result back out to the table on SQL Server. It has replaced a slow ArcPy script of a few hundred lines with a few lines of SQL which achieve the same near instantaneously. The ability to use [SQL for ArcGIS Pro] to supplement functions missing from other DBMS is amazingly powerful." - Corporate SQL Server setup, Forum post .

SQL for ArcGIS Pro was created from the ground up for ultrafast, parallel spatial SQL in GIS. It automatically runs SQL fully CPU parallel and GPU parallel, using all CPU threads and potentially thousands of GPU cores. SQL for ArcGIS Pro connects brilliantly to enterprise DBMS because SQL for ArcGIS Pro itself is one of the most powerful spatial database packages ever created. SQL for ArcGIS Pro includes dataports for hundreds of data formats and data sources, plus hundreds of military-grade, high precision spatial SQL functions, seamlessly integrated with incredibly fast internal scratchpad storage, for the world's best desktop SQL. Get it all for one low price: only $145, fully paid. Your mighty ArcGIS Pro installation deserves no less.

Extract · Transform · Load · Edit · Create · Blend · Understand

"To create a landform classification from TPI’s took 13 days in SAGA. In [SQL for ArcGIS Pro], it can be done in two 15-minute operations! Plus, I have the flexibility to alter the code and include TPIs at 3 scales for example, not 2. TWI is also fast in [SQL for ArcGIS Pro]. The whole model building can now be done in [SQL for ArcGIS Pro] (no R or SAGA) as well as the post analysis. This is literally saving me weeks of processing time if not months!" - Forum post

Point and Click

Easy Wizardry - Over 300 templates in Advanced mode deliver SQL genius for spatial and non-spatial data in tables, rasters, vector geometry and more. Click and go!

Real SQL

Infinite Power - Get the world's most brilliant desktop spatial SQL, automatically CPU and GPU parallel to handle huge, complex queries with astonishing speed. Enjoy SQL today.

Beyond FGDB

Have it All - SQL automatically loads file geodatabases in the Pro project. Advanced mode adds hundreds of other file formats, databases and data sources for SQL.

Features · Benefits
Add the world's best desktop spatial SQL to the world's premier desktop GIS. Get the phenomenal power of real SQL for use with file geodatabases with vast and comprehensive capabilities, results that are always correct, exceptional reliability, and eye-popping parallel speed.


SQL for ArcGIS Pro utilizes Esri's own code, the Esri File Geodatabase API, to connect to and work with file geodatabases. SQL for ArcGIS Pro therefore has the same limitations that are imposed by the Esri File Geodatabase API. While the Esri File Geodatabase API supports reading the schema and data of complex geodatabase types, the API does not honor geodatabase behavior on inserts, deletes or updates to the following dataset types:

You may be able to see data in such complex database types but you can't edit them. In addition, the Esri File Geodatabase API does not permit any connection to, viewing, or work with rasters in the file geodatabase (Raster Dataset, Raster Catalog, Mosaic Datasets and Raster Attributes). Vertical Datums are not supported.

Video: SQL for ArcGIS Pro - Install and Activate

See how to install and activate SQL for ArcGIS Pro, and then how to launch the add-in and do real SQL with file geodatabases! The first three minutes show the super easy installation and activation process with the rest of the video showing a quick start to writing and executing SQL queries, including use of the query builder.

"Wow! It is really as fast as advertised." - Forum post

Includes Everything

No need to buy extras.

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Limitless Data

SQL for ArcGIS Pro connects to more formats and data sources than any GIS. SQL knows all Enterprise DBMS vendors, all raster and vector formats and all OGC and web servers. SQL for ArcGIS Pro knows all projections worldwide. Instantly pop open 200GB images. Transform any raster. Edit millions of vectors and launch phenomenally powerful SQL. Vast capacity, stunning speed and godlike power. Nothing else comes close at any price. At $145, SQL for ArcGIS Pro is a steal.

Pic 02

Infinite Spatial DBMS

Running straight SQL or point-and-click dialogs, SQL for ArcGIS Pro runs faster than anything else for spatial work with ArcGIS Pro, automatically executing fully-parallel spatial SQL within the add-in's parallel DBMS engine, or dispatched to your favorite DBMS, or in a mixture of both - all within the same query. Terabyte capacity, ultrafast scratchpad data storage makes it easy to combine geodatabase data from the Pro project with external data. Crunch big data using manycore CPU and massively-parallel GPU in SQL.

Honest Quality

SQL for ArcGIS Pro is almost impossible to crash when executing SQL in Advanced mode and is exceptionally reliable executing SQL on file geodatabases. SQL for ArcGIS Pro is built on Manifold's phenomenally bulletproof Radian® spatial SQL engine, proven against the most complex tasks by users worldwide. Feed it massively complex geoprocessing tasks in spatial SQL and SQL for ArcGIS Pro executes with blistering speed and total accuracy. Every time. SQL for ArcGIS Pro always runs no matter how complex your task, no matter how big your data and no matter how many cores go to work for you at lightning speed. Together with incredible speed and power, SQL for ArcGIS Pro delivers rock-solid reliability.

"I'm simply awestruck by the performance gains. [...] a few simple demos of intersecting large spatial datasets have won admiration from all." - Forum post

Easy to Play

Easy add-in installation, automatic connection to file geodatabases used in the ArcGIS Pro project, effortless power, point and click dialogs, endless capabilities and everything built into a single, unified package makes SQL for ArcGIS Pro easy to play.

Read, write or link to a seeming infinity of formats, so you can always do SQL on the data you want. Connect to enterprise DBMS, anytime, anywhere. A fast and easy query builder makes it easy to use any of the hundreds of super-useful SQL functions that are built in. Use the SQL you already know and SQL for ArcGIS Pro parallelizes it for you. Automatically.

SQL for ArcGIS Pro installs in moments, only 75MB to download. No need to buy anything else. Enjoy real SQL right now. Launch SQL for ArcGIS Pro and make great things happen. Everything just works. Always.

"I love the speed it opens complex layers and the clean logical interface. " - Forum post

The Power of GPU

SQL for ArcGIS Pro can use a $150 NVIDIA GPU plug-in card to run many spatial SQL functions up to 200 times faster, using a thousand GPU cores to crush big jobs. Run the same SQL you already know or use a point and click dialog: SQL for ArcGIS Pro automatically creates and launches massively parallel GPU code. No manual coding required. Do in seconds what once took hours. Effortlessly. Only SQL for ArcGIS Pro can do that.

Feel at Home

SQL for ArcGIS Pro speaks your language with easy localization. Enjoy SQL for ArcGIS Pro in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

  • ... and many more.

Community Driven

Join the Community: The user community drives the rapid evolution of SQL for ArcGIS Pro. Enjoy a direct connection to Manifold's full-time, professional team of developers, the most advanced, parallel spatial SQL development team in GIS and spatial ETL. Every week or two, SQL for ArcGIS Pro gets a new build that responds to community priorities by delivering hundreds of new features and other improvements per month, often delivered within days of request. Bugs are eliminated immediately, never lasting longer than a few days. No other spatial SQL package evolves at that speed, no other spatial SQL delivers such high quality, and no other spatial SQL engineering organization implements community priorities as fast as SQL for ArcGIS Pro.

"Beauty, putting my kids through college with this stuff, thank you." - Forum post on new feature added at user request.

Image at right: SQL for ArcGIS Pro computing Path Distance in 9 seconds, running 48 threads with 100% utilization (the vertical line at the right edge of each box) on a 24 core AMD Threadripper. Spatial Analyst on the same machine runs Path Distance with only nine instances at less than 30% utilization, taking 12 minutes. Add SQL for ArcGIS Pro to your ESRI toolset for faster geoprocessing.

Special Introductory Offer

$145 - SQL for ArcGIS® Pro - Save $100 off the regular price of $245. Single desktop license that includes all SQL for ArcGIS Pro features. Requires Esri ArcGIS® Pro version 2.8 or more recent, including the new ArcGIS Pro 3.x release. Includes free download of maintenance upgrades. This is a fully paid license and is not a limited time license or a lease. Best buy.

Buy Now via the Online Store

Buy SQL for ArcGIS® Pro on the Online Store. The store is open 24 hours / seven days a week / every day of the year. Orders are processed immediately with a serial number sent out by email in seconds. Enjoy the world's best desktop spatial SQL today!

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